COBATEST Steering Committee: Elections 2023!

There are currently 2 vacancies in the COBATEST Steering Committee for the 3-year term 2024 – 2026, starting on 1st Jan 2024. One of the seats is reserved for a representative of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In accordance with the COBATEST Election Procedure and COBATEST Steering Committee Terms of Reference, the Steering Committee members are directly elected by the COBATEST members. This procedure ensures transparency and fair participation of the network’s members in the decision-making.

All members of the network are highly encouraged to send in their candidacy (from November 20th to December 11th) to become new members of the Steering Committee and of course to vote during the elections (from November 11th to November 25th). You can find eligibility criteria and other details about the elections in the Elections Announcement document. Active participation from the members is very important part of forming successful network!