On the 14-15 May 2018, the COBATEST Network members’ meeting was held in Barcelona and the 2017 report was launched. It was a great opportunity for members to meet eachother and share experiences of using the COBATEST data collection tool as well as their services, especially in the areas of PrEP and ChemSex.

See what we discussed in the summary and the presentations below –

Introduction – Joan Colom, Public Health Agency of Catalonia (ASPCat)
European Testing Week – Lauren Combs, CHIP
Community Testing in Europe: WHO Objectives – Elena Vovc, WHO Regional Office for Europe
Past, Present and Future: The COBATEST Network – Jordi Casabona, CEEISCAT
Results from the COBATEST Network 2017 – Anna Conway, CEEISCAT
WHO study of Combined PoC Tests in CBVCTs – Laura Fernàndez López, CEEISCAT
COBA-Cohort – Nicolas Lorente, CEEISCAT
Quality Assessment of data in the COBATEST Network – Juliana Reyes Ureña, CEEISCAT
Rede de Rastreio, A National CBVCT Network – Paula Meireles, ISPUP

PrEP Services
Alliance Global – Andriy Radetsky
Checkpoint LX – Miguel Rocha
Czech AIDS Help Society – Ivo Procházka
Deutsche AIDS Hilfe – Michael Tappe
AthCheckpoint Greece – Sophocles Chanos

ChemSex Services
Alliance Global – Andriy Radetsky
StopSIDA – Luis Villegas
AthCheckpoint Greece – Sophocles Chanos