Monthly Archives: Декабрь 2017

The  COBATEST Network is continuing to expand and now represents 52  community-based voluntary counselling and testing (CBVCT) services  across Europe. In 2016, COBATEST members performed 72,049 HIV tests with  1.1% reactive results. In 2016, 37.5% of people tested in COBATEST  members reported that the visit was their first time testing for HIV.

Чтобы держать всех членов COBATEST в курсе, мы запустили веб-сайт will have news from members as well as publishing  reports related to the Network. There will also be a section with  opportunities for training and grants that could be of interest to our  members.

Пока мы продолжаем обновлять веб-сайт, вы можете следить за нами в Twitter и Facebook.