Who we are

About the Cobatest Network

The COBATEST Network links community-based voluntary counselling and testing services (CBVCTs) across Europe. It was established in 2009 within the HIV-COBATEST project under the European Union Public Health Programme. The purpose was to share a common data collection instrument to monitor the activity of CBVCTs in Europe and to promote HIV testing, early diagnosis and linkage to care among vulnerable groups. Since the end of the HIV-EDAT project in 2017, the COBATEST Network remains active and continues to recruit new members.

The COBATEST mission is to promote HIV and other STI testing and linkage to care and treatment, to improve CBVCT services across Europe, to share good practices, procedures and information to improve CBVCT activities, and to provide tools to strengthen collaborative work between professionals.

In 2016, COBATEST members performed 72,916 tests. Of the 813 tests that were reactive, 378 confirmatory tests were reported and 292 people confirmed positive were successfully linked to care.

The COBATEST Network now comprises 52 CBVCTs in 21 European countries. See our members.

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