Cobatest Tool

All COBATEST Network members have access to the COBATEST tool which they can use to record data on each consultation and submit it automatically to the COBATEST Network database. Members are then able to create activity reports or extract their database.

Organisations that do not use the tool can submit disaggregated or aggregated data according to the COBATEST requirements (See below).

Data collection form

A standardised questionnaire has been designed for data collection of demographics, risk behaviours and HIV testing variables, for each person tested.

Data entry tool

COBATEST Members can access the online data tool where they can enter and analyse data from consultations. Find the tutorials on the COBATEST YouTube channel.

Alternative Ways to Submit Data

For COBATEST members that use a data collection tool other than COBATEST

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online database, it is possible to submit data in aggregated or disaggregated formats.

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